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Foa farm is located in the heart of the Ligurian Alps natural park.

Nestled between sky, land and sea, its altitude as well as its orientation ensure an ideal climate for the cultivation of cannabis and olive trees.

​ Its privileged access to spring water from the Alps, combined with its isolation within a natural park, allows the cultivation of pure and healthy products.

Find the calm and serenity of the Mediterranean Alps through our products.


Particular care is given to each plant in order to obtain products of exceptional quality.

All of the cultivation and operations are entirely carried out by hand in order to guarantee the highest level of quality possible, from the seed to the finished product.


Thanks to the use of entirely natural cultivation methods, you are sure to consume a product that respects the consumer, nature and those who work with it.

No chemicals or tractors are used on or near our farm. It is in harmony with nature that we produce.

Expression of nature

The synergy with the generous nature of the Mediterranean Alps allows us to offer you products with unique characters and flavors.

Whether with our oil from our century-old olive trees or through our cannabis varieties developed from ancient local genetics, you will feel all the richness of the Ligurian nature.


His passion for cannabis has led him to discover many cultures... and cultivator around the world. Since 2021, Pierre has settled in the heart of the Riviera di fiori in order to take advantage of the geography and the ideal climate.

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